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the_cat Nothing like the rest of the album but jaunty and the guy has a great voice. Check out his earlier stuff, especially "Fourth On My List Of Loveable Dictators" for more jolly whimsy. Favorite track: Josephine Grace.
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An Eclectic Collection.


released March 16, 2016

'Balance Succeeds' Recorded and Mastered by Rambling Recordings.
'Three Good Men' & 'Simpler Days' Produced and Mixed by Al Swettenham. Additional guitars by James Shuttleworth.
'Love is Many Things' Produced and Recorded by Robin Christensen-Marriott at The Shed Studios.
All songs written and performed by Nathaniel Swettenham.



all rights reserved


The Skunk-Boy Project UK

I've been playing instruments since I was about 7 or 8, I began on the piano, moved to the bass and only picked up the ukulele in my teens.
Whilst others were listening to their parent's 80's rock collections etc. I was listening to my Dad's Randy Newman collection along with the Beatles, Beach Boys, Supertramp, suffice to say I picked up a pretty 70's palette for music.
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Track Name: Balance Succeeds
She can fly higher than most on just one wing
but she's modest so you wouldn't hear her say a thing
She's got power in her words that could knock you flat
but she's meek so you wouldn't hear her speak like that

I can fly high but I speak too much
I seek approval to remove all of worry's cold touch
but she brings the heat and my fears they melt
and it's the best damn feeling that I've ever felt

I may play words but I deliver straight truths
and I know my baby loves how my rhythm soothes
though we may be flawed when we go it alone
together our endeavours lighten our load

Her love's so soft but her minds so sharp
She can hammer like piano but she's sweet as a harp
No time for lies as we would testify
So if I play it just right I'll be a lucky guy

She keeps my feet firm on the ground
and I hold her up when she falls down
She never lets me dwell on fear
and I always let her know I'm near
our strengths they work together well
and in that balance we excel
and though we flow in different ways
our harmonies remains the same

We can stay tough when the going get's rough
such a divine alignment that I can't get enough
She ain't no fool plays it cool not cold an'
I've never met a girl with soul that's so golden

with her the chaos in my mind recedes
so I can meditate and generate my thoughts with ease
and though I'm broken I can play my part
cos though we all get broken only some lose heart

I know that you can't fix my world
you're human just like me
but since we've been together
things are looking so much better
than they've ever ever been
Track Name: Josephine Grace
You're so delightful
so insightful
You've got a different view on things
You're so enchanting
you've been planting
your seeds right under my skin
You've cracked my stony heart
and thrown apart the doors
to my feelings whilst revealing all of yours

Suddenly quite out of the blue
you're in my life and just out of view
my brain is churning slowly turning
every thought I have towards you

I think up other things to explain
why you're the only thing on my brain
but what I invent's irrelevant when
every thought I have's about you


I can't escape the drums in my heart
when you're around my head falls apart
there's no evading your invasion
every thought I have's about you

Sure I've been entranced lots before
but you girl glued my jaw to the floor
and wake or sleep I cannot keep my
every thought from turning to you

Boy you're falling in love
boy you're falling in love
Oh boy your heart's a toy
you've been tamed by love
Track Name: Three Good Men
Three young men strong and bold
Who feasted on the stories told
Of cities spilling rivers gold
Where any man could reach his goals

They travelled from a distant land
To bring world knowledge back in hand
Technology and culture and
The secrets of the western clans

The first man hoping to be brisk
And return to his family rich
A man who loved to take a risk
They found him knee-capped in a ditch

See gambling debts are hard to pay
And some folks turn and run away
But don’t give out if you can’t save
Enough to dodge a gambler’s grave

One good man is dead
He had his choice he took it and he lead the life he lead
One good man is dead
It’s not worth what you came here for enough blood has been shed

Our second a hard working lad
Looked for jobs though times were bad
And employers don’t like foreign faces
But must appear not to be racist

Shitty work for shitty pay
A drink to drown a lonely day
From drink to drugs and further still
A needle was his final thrill

Two good men are dead
They had their choices took ‘em and they lead the lives they lead
Two good men are dead
It’s not worth what you came here for enough blood has been shed

And last but certainly not least
The third man heard the rebels preach
The rich have all the money now
So stealing’s where the money’s found

The more he stole the more he gained
But cops do not like renegades
Soon they had him on the run
Gunned him down and he was done

Three good men are dead
They had their choices took ‘em and they lead the lives they lead
Three good men are dead
Maybe in a better world they could have lived instead
But Three Good men are dead
Don’t loan your lives for money when enough blood has been shed
Track Name: Love Is Many Things
My bed is cold and though it's small all extra space is wasted
without you hear to hold me near and stay my brain from racing
I'm not the kind of gentlemen who's known for his two faces
So when I tell you listen well cos you're the girl I'm chasing

What can be done when the world isn't fun
and there's nothing to look forward to but the sun
You can put down your worries and wander don't hurry
cos hurrying worrying won't get things done

There's no need to be lost in your hostile ravine
Things are never as terrible as they might seem
Wherever there's love there's blue skies above
No matter the clatter of clouds inbetween

Love is a intricate game
it's never simple it's never the same
Love is an elegant dance
and you must learn the footwork before you advance

Love hits you hard by surprise
I've had desperate lows and glorious highs
Love gets it wrong once or twice
But I know now with you that I've got it so right


There's a man in a flat sat alone with his cat
he rarely goes out cos he's scared that he's fat
and he bases his views on the TV and news
and has nightmares about all the neighbouring youths

He's scared of relations so subtle evasions
keep his mind safe from a loving invasion
He's heard of the bird that could tear him apart
and he fears the unclear so he never embarks cos

Love is an intricate game
it could cure you completely or drive you insane
Love is an elegant dance
but you won't get far if you don't give it a chance
Love hits you hard by surprise
it can lead you to glory or to your demise
Love get's it wrong once or twice
But I know now with you that I've got it so right


There's nobody here who love couldn't work for
Only the people that need to assert more
you'll never find love if you sit by yourself
if you're lazy with love nobody will help

The people who hurt you are not even worth you
Love is a lesson don't let it unnerve you
if you get it right you could make a girls night
get it wrong and you've still got the rest of your life

Love is an intricate game
And the day that you win life is never the same
Love is an elegant dance
it can sweep you right off your feet into the stars

Love hits you hard by surprise
and it had me the moment I looked in your eyes
Love get's it wrong once or twice
but I know now with you that I've got it so right
Track Name: Simpler Days
Simpler days, When life’s burdens were as light as feathers
Days go by, and yet everyday could last forever
To know no bereavement just each days achievements
To forget so easily life’s small indecencies
And if you fall there’ll always be a hand to reach out for
But those days will pass away and they soon begin to say

I won’t carry your weight one step further
I’ve been dreadin’ this day and the way I’ll hurt you
But you’ll never learn if we keep on nurturing
Habits like these will just keep circling

Lock your toys up tight for the final night
We’re gonna put ‘em somewhere safe where they’re out of sight
And all the worries that you have well hold on tight to them
They’re yours now kid and I won’t fight for them

Get up grow up get out of the door
I won’t fight your battles for you anymore
For too long we’ve sung you lullaby songs
Now it’s up to you to learn to be strong

So shut up buck up and don’t shed a tear
Because pain like that’s a sign of fear
Your peers won’t respect you if you let them see
Keep your feelings under lock and key

There’ll be no more childish dreams for you
You don’t want to be a vet or to work in a zoo
Is your head in the clouds? Bring it back to the ground
Because the only way forward is to follow the crowd

You’ll be judged by everyone you meet
And then they’ll decide your destiny
You got problems hold your tongue don’t tell
You don’t want ‘em all to think that you’re thick as well

Simpler days, ways to let yourself escape bad weather
But days slip by, and your childhood won’t last forever
But whilst we grow old and our problems unfold
And reward for our chores may seem distant and small
Beyond the storm there lies a grown man, waiting to be born
With the future in his palm, and the world at his command

If you’re lacking in family make it up with friends
And love is so sweet but it all depends
If you lean on one person for all your needs
then you’ll drag that person to their knees

Hush now child you won’t be alone
There are lost sheep all along this road
And if you think that someone might be there
Then you could always bow your head in prayer